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If you are a Non-Resident Indian / Overseas Indian worker seeking a career in India, you have come to the right place. Even if you are not yet sure if you want to move to India yet and are just scouting to test the water, you are still at the right place.

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If you are one among India’s leading employers and you are in need of some of the best workers at all levels across all verticals, who bring with them international exposure, work ethics, and value adding expertise and experience, you have come to the right place.® connects you with one another like no one else does. Come be part of a revolution that has just begun. A revolution that will make India the employment destination of the future.
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About Us® has been founded and established by Non Resident Indians (NRIs) for the NRIs with the intention of connecting the employment opportunities that exist in India, to the overseas Indians who need them. ‘Vaapas’ as the name denotes in Hindi is all about ‘the return’.

Currently India is witnessing a trend of economic development, and an increase in hiring across various sectors. The socio-political situation combined with the intensive infrastructural development programs makes India a ripe destination for employment and career growth.

On the other hand the 30 million overseas Indians have been traditionally contributing to the development of their host countries across the globe. They have created a niche for themselves by being committed to hard work, high level of professionalism, and dedication to their companies and their host countries. However many trends across the world indicate a possibility of many of these overseas Indians returning to their motherland sooner or later. The falling oil prices together with the changing policies of many of the GCC countries and the Middle East are seeing massive layoff, downsizing of businesses, mergers, and nationalization drives that are rendering many Indians jobless. In the USA on the other hand, recent political changes are creating a flutter among the Indians especially in the IT sector. Many of them are already in touch with recruiting firms in India seeking potential opportunities.

While many Indians have already packed up their bags and are heading home, many others are still contemplating and waiting for the right opportunity.

One thing looks evident. Many of these overseas Indian workers will head home by choice or by force.® seeks to establish the most reliable link between these overseas Indians, and their potential employment opportunities back home.

As NRIs ourselves, we the founders realized the need for a private venture to fill the void that currently exists.

It is our desire that in bringing high quality Indian workers from overseas into all sectors in India,® will create a generation of highly dedicated workers who bring with them international exposure, international work standards, international attitude, and international mindset, which will help catapult India to rise to international standards in all areas within a relatively shorter period of time. Furthermore a shift in work culture will also be triggered which could help shed off some of the traditional challenges that many companies face with workers who are currently available in India. We will help bring to India a breed of qualified workforce who are focused on the impact they make to their companies and their country, rather than just their own pockets.® seeks to provide high-quality services through our dedicated team of staff, and our network of associates, channel partners, and service providers all across the country. We have and continue to establish our own representatives and partners across the globe so that our customers will have the ability to contact us through various channels. Many of our own team members consist of ex NRIs and therefore we know what you need, and practice what we preach.

Stay in touch with us on our social media sites to know more about us, our current and future services, and for access to extremely useful information.

Through® the change has begun. Come and be a part of this change.

Other Services

As NRIs ourselves, the founders of®  have experienced various daily challenges related to our families, investments, properties, and others back in India.

While residing and working overseas, very often it becomes a challenge to maintain a balance between our needs and our wants, and our responsibilities.

To help you in overcoming some of these challenges, shortly we will offer a wide range of services. Stay in touch on our social media to know more.

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